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2021 BEAST
Bahareh Khoshooee,
Coco Fusco, Dana Sherwood, Hyewon Keum, Lucy Kimbell, Marnie Weber, Matt Morris, Nina Katchadourian, Sissel Tolaas & Christina Agapakis, Sven Sachsalber, and Travis Mitzel.
Research: The Institute for Interspecis Art and Relations 

2020 DOOMSDAY (archive pending
Rob Amberg, Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway, James Bridle, Perry Chen, Diane Christiansen and Jeanne Dunnning, Lucas Foglia, Millian Pham Lien Giang, Nash Glynn, Max Guy, Anna Mayer, Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber, Thomson & Craighead. Research: Gabrielle Rucker 

2019:2019 (archive pending)  Cream Co., Lindsey French, Katie Grafitan + beck haberstoth, Sabrina Granados, Cathy Hsiao, Timothy Hursley, Mary Mattingly, Travis Mitzel, Ariana Reines, Emily Shanahan, Misel Soto, Toni Zhao + Yiyao Chao (aoaoband) 

CCSSSR (2018 - ∞)
  1. The Collaborative Center for Storm, Space and Seismic Research (CCSSSR) is a non-profit publishing organization and research platform focusing on artist’s projects and research. 
    Operating under a new theme each year, for 2021, the theme is BEAST. 



Field Guide

Select dates in the year of Beast research

JANUARY 2021: Matt Morris

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Matt Morris, I’ll be wearing ribbons down my Ben this bamf, 2017

                    Center Notes

Associated: Frankenstein Original Clip (video), Matt Morris “Blue Mirror” @ OBST (exhibition)

Image of SeaWorld Trainer Dawn Brancheau and Tilikum. On February 24, 2010, Tilikum pulled SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau into his pool and killed her. (National Geographic

“It’s Alive” 
January 1
Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by  English author Mary Shelley  is published (1818)

First American Aquarium Opens
January 1 
The first aquarium in the  US opens as a part of PT Barnum’s American  Museum in New York City;  the museum burned down in  1865 (1842)

Death of a Fantastic Beast
January 6
Tilikum, a captive orca at  SeaWorld Orlando involved  in the deaths of three  people, dies from a bacterial  infection (2017) 

School Teacher Feeds Puppy to Turtle
January 7
Robert Crosland, an Idaho school teacher is found not guilty on animal cruelty, after feeding a live puppy to a snapping turtle (2019) 

Broken Camel Breaks Back
January 10
Camel fatally tramples two  people in Camel Kisses  Farm near Wichita, TX. One  victim is the owner of the  farm (2015) 

A Guar is born
January 8
A cloned Guar named  Noah is born at Trans Ova  Genetics in Sioux Center,  Iowa, making it the first  cloned endangered species.  The guar died within 48  hours of birth (2001)
Stray Cat Saves Russian Newborn
January 15
Reports are shared from  Kaluga region of Russia  of a stray tabby whose cries called attention to an  abandoned baby; the cat  was found curled around  the child keeping him warm  (2015)

Matt Morris, I’ll be wearing ribbons down my Ben this bamf, 2017
Photograph made in Obst on March 23, 2017 with former gallery co-director Ben Regozin.
Installation view

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