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2021 BEAST
Bahareh Khoshooee,
Coco Fusco, Dana Sherwood, Hyewon Keum, Lucy Kimbell, Marnie Weber, Matt Morris, Nina Katchadourian, Sissel Tolaas & Christina Agapakis, Sven Sachsalber, and Travis Mitzel.
Research: The Institute for Interspecis Art and Relations 

2020 DOOMSDAY (archive pending
Rob Amberg, Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway, James Bridle, Perry Chen, Diane Christiansen and Jeanne Dunnning, Lucas Foglia, Millian Pham Lien Giang, Nash Glynn, Max Guy, Anna Mayer, Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber, Thomson & Craighead. Research: Gabrielle Rucker 

2019:2019 (archive pending)  Cream Co., Lindsey French, Katie Grafitan + beck haberstoth, Sabrina Granados, Cathy Hsiao, Timothy Hursley, Mary Mattingly, Travis Mitzel, Ariana Reines, Emily Shanahan, Misel Soto, Toni Zhao + Yiyao Chao (aoaoband) 

CCSSSR (2018 - ∞)
  1. The Collaborative Center for Storm, Space and Seismic Research (CCSSSR) is a non-profit publishing organization and research platform focusing on artist’s projects and research. 
    Operating under a new theme each year, for 2021, the theme is BEAST. 



Field Guide

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October 2021: Christina Agapakis & Sissel Tolaas

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Christina Agapakis & Sissel Tolaas
, Selfmade, 2013
Cheese produced using bacteria sampled from the human body  

Taken from the artists’ website:
Selfmade is a collaborative project with Sissel Tolaas for Synthetic Aesthetics, a project run by the University of Edinburgh and Stanford University to bring together synthetic biologists, designers, artists, and social scientists to explore collaborations between synthetic biology, art, and design. Link to project website,  


Center Notes

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The Collaborative Center for Storm, Space & Seismic Research  


Baby Fae, the first successful infant heart  transplant (October 26, 1984)

October 3
Saint Francis of Assisi, regarded as patron of
animals and often depicted preaching to creatures such as birds or wolves, dies at the age of 44 (1226)

October 4
An American battaliondeploys messenger
pigeon, Cher Ami amidst an onslaught of German artillery during WWI. She is attributed to saving the lives of 194 soldiers (1918)
October 7
World Octopus Day 
October 12
The U.S. Navy begins providing support to the Mexican government’s conservation efforts of the vaquita, in the northern Gulf of California. Navy-trained dolphins are used to echo locate vaquitas (2017)
October 14
Tom Leppard, also known as the Leopard Man, an English man made famous by his extensive leopard pattern tattoos, born (1935)

October 15
Two couples from Point Pleasant, WV, claim to have seen a large flying man-like figure with glowing red eyes, considered to be the first sighting of the Mothman (1996)

October 16
The Cardiff Giant, a 10’ tall purported petrified
man unearthed by workers digging a well in Cardiff, NY. Two months later the giant was revealed as a hoax by its creator George Hull (1869)

October 18
Moby-Dick; or, The Whale by Herman Melville
published in England (1851)

October 19
A man in Zanesville, OH releases 56 of his exotic animals including lions, tigers, leopards, and bears before committing suicide. 50 of the animals are killed by authorities (2011)
October 21
The Marine Mammal
Protection Act (MMPA) 
is signed into law, which prohibits the “taking” of marine animals and enacts a moratorium on the sale of marine mammal products in the United States (1972)

October 22
The Humane Society of the United States, a non-profit organization that focuses on ending animal cruelty, is founded (1954)
October 25
Canadian actress, director, animal rights activist and animal trainer, Nell Shipman is born (1892)

October 26
Baby Fae is the first successful infant heart
transplant and the first infant subject of xenotransplant when she recieved a baboon’s heart. She died 21 days after the operaton (1984)
October 30
The conservation-focused film Roar directed by Noel Marshall is released. The film used over 100 untrained exotic animals and set a record for most injuries on a set ever (1981)