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2021 BEAST
Bahareh Khoshooee,
Coco Fusco, Dana Sherwood, Hyewon Keum, Lucy Kimbell, Marnie Weber, Matt Morris, Nina Katchadourian, Sissel Tolaas & Christina Agapakis, Sven Sachsalber, and Travis Mitzel.
Research: The Institute for Interspecis Art and Relations 

2020 DOOMSDAY (archive pending
Rob Amberg, Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway, James Bridle, Perry Chen, Diane Christiansen and Jeanne Dunnning, Lucas Foglia, Millian Pham Lien Giang, Nash Glynn, Max Guy, Anna Mayer, Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber, Thomson & Craighead. Research: Gabrielle Rucker 

2019:2019 (archive pending)  Cream Co., Lindsey French, Katie Grafitan + beck haberstoth, Sabrina Granados, Cathy Hsiao, Timothy Hursley, Mary Mattingly, Travis Mitzel, Ariana Reines, Emily Shanahan, Misel Soto, Toni Zhao + Yiyao Chao (aoaoband) 

CCSSSR (2018 - ∞)
  1. The Collaborative Center for Storm, Space and Seismic Research (CCSSSR) is a non-profit publishing organization and research platform focusing on artist’s projects and research. 
    Operating under a new theme each year, for 2021, the theme is BEAST. 



Field Guide

Select dates in the year of BEAST research

FEBRUARY 2021: Dana Sherwood

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Dana Sherwood, Feral Cakes, 2017
Still from surveillance footage 

Residing deep within the suburban sprawl of South Florida I began setting out fruits, vegetables, meats, cakes and other confectionery concoctions for the local animal inhabitants.  The menus grew from a knowledge of the natural diet of animals such as raccoons, foxes, possums and other creatures I expected to find living along the borders of human habitation.  Filming over the days, weeks and months I began to get to know the preferences and predilections of their régimes, and, usually these foods did not include green vegetables and apples, but donuts, hot dogs, pizza and lamb chops.  A conversation started to emerge as I watched my videos each morning from the previous nights banquet and adjusted, tweaked and tested them. Below are a selection of video stills and photos of the banquets.

   - Dana Sherwood 
Link to video excerpt: Still from surveillance footage
Link to full project: Dana Sherwood, Feral Cakes  

 Center Notes


Chinese businesswoman Yang Feng Glan is escorted at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. NY POST (February 19, 2019)

February 6
Mary Leakey, British paleoanthropologist, who discovered the first  fossilised Proconsul skull,  is born. The Proconsul is  an extinct ape believed to  be an ancestor of humans  (1913)
February 8 An alleged spy pigeon escapes custody in
the Indian district of Sriganganagar. Thought to be a Pakistani intelligence messenger, the pigeon made it away from officials when a constable lifted its cage for an examination (2017)

February 12
*Serpent-handling practicing  Pentecostal preacher, 
Rev. Glen Summeford is  convicted of the attempted murder of his wife by forcing  her hand into a cage full of  rattlesnakes (1992)

February 15
Kentucky Pentecostal
preacher and third generation snake-handler, Jamie Coots, dies from a rattlesnake bite during a service at his church, the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name in Middlesboro, KY (2014)

February 16 German zoologist, naturalist and artist Ernst Haekel born. Haekel discovered and named thousands of species
and crearted intricate illustrations of animal and marine life published in his Kunstformen dur Natur (1834)

February 17 American artist Kim Jones performs as his alter-ego Mudman in Rat Piece at California State University’s Union Gallery burning four live rats to death (1976)
February 19 Tanzania sentences Yang Fenglan, aka “Ivory Queen”, a Chinese businesswoman to 15 years in jail for one of the largest ivory-smuggling rings in Africa. Yang’sdealings amount to $2.5 million worth of tusks from some 400 elephants (2019)
February 20
Love Your Pet Day
The United States launches the first animals on record: fruit flies, 68 miles into space (1947)

February 28
The Balearic Islands’ parliament grants the world’s first legislation on personhood status for great apes (2007)

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